Left Handed People: Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

June 2, 2011

We came across left handed people in our life quite a time. They can be your friends, parents or may be you are left handed yourself. The following infographic will help you in understanding some of the facts related to the life of left handed persons.

Left Handed People: Facts and Statistics - Infographic


  • sneakysyd

    Tell me how “Left-handers are more likely to be geniuses” when only 20% of MENSA members are left-handed. That leaves room for 80% of them to be right handed. You’re an idiot. You have no sources, which leads me to believe that most of your claims are invalid. The last one is a result of accidents caused by left-handed people using equipment made for right-handed people. Not that they just live shorter lives, some die from accidents. Also! The likelihood of alcoholism has NOTHING to do with hand dominance. More alcoholics may happen to be left-handed (I have no idea), but those two are COMPLETELY independent of each other. This is not “‘Nerd’ crunch” This is “‘People who like to pretend they’re smart but are actually ignorant’ crunch”.

    • Guest

      Of the world population there is about 10% who are left handed, the rest is right handed. That so many as 20% of MENSA members are left-handed, is therefore a pretty big deal. When you take to consideration how few of us left-handed there are out there, you will probably understand.

    • Goldy

      15% of the population are left handed. This means that there are few left handed people, compared to right handed people. So yes, there would be a small amount of Mensa members that are left handed, simply because there are not many left handed people. It’s common sense.

  • right power

    Shut up, Lefty

  • Brian

    If lefties make up 15% of the population, but 20% of MENSA is left handed, then yes, left handed people are more likely to be geniuses.  If they were just as likely, then only 15% of MENSA would be left handed.  Good work on that one, sneakysyd.

  • Sunshineflower-20

    I love the fact that I am left-handed because I have learned so much due to this. Nothing has ever been easy for me, but that just made me that much more determined. Also, left-handed people are much more likely to be able to cope with change because they had to adjust themselves to certain situations because of their “handicap.” Also, people that are left-handed tend to be more creative (it has been scientifically proven) and we see things in a less conventional light. We usually think outside the box. I remember in high school I always used to incorporate some art form in my projects, even when they were based on boring facts. I would always hand things in tiny little booklets and add colour and glitter to them. I also remember getting frustrated when I had to write essays because there was nothing exciting about that. I always prefered writing stories as opposed to essays. In conclusion, I believe that being left-handed is an asset.

  • Rupali

    Although i proud to be lefty but it was really very depressing when others teases me by calling ”lefty” during my school days including my younger sis and brother also.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.gorenflo Ryan Gorenflo

      What is wrong with being called lefty? That was my nickname on the golf team. 

  • Kodi_tonka

    I think when we discuss the statistics of left handers regarding anything such as ‘left handers are more likely to be geniuses’ and only 20% of MENSA members are left-handed, we should consider that this may be significant. Although 80% are right handers, there are many more right handers in world and it is therefore more likely that the geniuses of the world will be right handed. However due to the significantly less number of left-handers in the world the statistic of 20% of MENSA members are left handed is significantly high considering the lack of left handers compared with right.

    • Janey

      what are you trying to say?

  • Goldy

    I find this article to be true. I am left handed, and I always received great grades in school. One of my best friends (also left handed) received similarly good grades. I also learn very quickly, which makes video games a breeze (which also frustrates the heck out of my right handed cousin:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hellsausage Lachlan Hamilton

    Lefty, Mensa member. Boom, there’s yer dinner!

  • bubbles

    my friend is ambidextrous.

  • Ashli Gillard

    If those facts are correct I only had a one percent chance of being left handed as both of my parents are right handed and my mother gave birth to me when she was 20. Really interesting