How to Clear the Recent Items List in Windows 7?

June 10, 2012

Windows 7 has helped Microsoft gain the reputation in Operating System market which it lost after Windows Vista fiasco. Among the many features introduced in Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the feature of recent items list for the windows that are pinned to the taskbar or currently being used. Although very useful, but some users might want to remove the items in that list for privacy concerns. In this post, we will discuss the method to clear these recent item lists in Windows 7. If you do right click on any item on the taskbar of Windows 7 (either pinned or not) you will see the list of recently viewed items as follow:

 Above is the image of recent items that I viewed when I did a right click on Media Player Classic icon in Windows 7 taskbar. Similarly, below you can see the recent items list when I clicked folder icon on the taskbar of Windows 7:

 In order to clear this list, type the following command in address bar in your My Computer:


If you are not sure how you can do it then we have the image for you here:

After typing, hit enter and the following location will open:


 Delete all the items you see and all the recent items list for every program will be removed. We deleted ours and here is the result:

 Hope you like the post. If you have any query, please put it in comment section and we will try to answer it.