How to Resolve DNS Issue in Aztech DSL1000EW?

June 30, 2012

Users of Aztech DSL1000EW often face issue of DNS settings. The DNS entries done in Aztech DSL1000EW GUI dont save when user saves the configuration. We at NerdCrunch, solved this issue by entering the DNS entries by accessing Aztech DSL1000EW via Telnet.

1 ) Goto command prompt and type telnet to gain access to CLI of Aztech DSL1000EW. By default, telnet access is enabled on Aztech DSL1000EW. For security concerns, we are not showing the IP address (covered in orange).

2 ) You will be prompted for username and password. For this,  use ‘support’ as username and password and you will be able to gain access to CLI of Aztech DSL1000EW.


3 ) When username and password are correctly entered, you will see the following:

4 ) On gaining successful entry to CLI of Aztech DSL1000EW, type ‘?’ to see all the available commands.

5 ) From the list, you can see ‘dns’ command. Type this command in CLI of Aztech DSL1000EW and you will be produced with following output:

6 ) From the output, use the command’ dns config static’ command and place the IP address of primary DNS server and secondary dns server of your dns server after it. An example is:

7 ) In order to confirm the settings that you have put, use the ‘show dns’ command:

8 ) Now you need to save the changes that you have made to Aztech DSL1000EW. To do this, use the ‘save’ command.

9 ) Once the settings are saved, you need to restart your Aztech DSL1000EW. This is done using ‘reboot’ command:

Once the Aztech DSL1000EW is rebooted, you can safely browse the internet. Now you will not found any DNS issue with your Aztech DSL1000EW. As always, if you are facing difficultly in facing the steps or any suggestion, please do put it in comment section.



  • Muhhammad Junaid Ali Kiani

    Thanks. Works. DNS is blank by default somehow.