Most of the people thinks that video games are all about teenagers and kids. But when statistics were compiled, we were in for a shocker. The average age of person playing or buying games turn out to be 34 years. If you are interested in reading more startling facts, then check this infographic.


How to expand URL?

May 28, 2011

You must have heard of many services which shorten the URL such as and others. These services were introduced as a result of  introduction of micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter. These URL shortening service became so popular that even Google, Stumbleupon and Facebook have introduced these services of their own. But few people started […]


Alphabet art is getting popular these days. More and more artists are creating unique looking alphabets my using different themes. NerdCrunch decided to do create a series on Alphabet Art and here is the very first post.


Pentium D, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are some of the processors offered by silicon giant INTEL (although Pentium D is pretty much history). People buy processors and very few know the difference between these processors. This article will focus on explaining the differences between Pentium D, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo lineup of processors offered by INTEL.


Iran is in the headlines of International Media for quite a time now and you would be pretty familiar with its head of state Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and their Supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Ever wondered how their political system works, what is the significance of Supreme leader or Guardian Council in Irani state? We have got an infographic which explains the political system of Iran nicely.


Thanks to the efforts of David McCandless, people can now visualize the effects of radiations they are exposed to in daily life through this infographic. This infographic shows the different level of radiations we are exposed as well as telling the amount of radiation that can prove fatal to human beings.


Ethernet is the most common protocol used for communication with in LANs. Thus, most of the people doing frame analysis have to know the structure of Ethernet frames and different fields used in it. This will help them in better understanding of the traffic originating or coming to the LAN as well as diagnosing any problem that might occur. Thus, we have decided to do a post for our readers that will discuss the method of decoding Ethernet frames using Ipv4 and UDP protocol.


You must have heard the name of Vitamin D many times during your science class, TV advertisements or from your doctor. If you are not much of a ‘health conscious person’ then this word will be just a one of many from Medical Science jargon to you. You may say Vitamin D is significant to health, but how? You might not be able to answer that questions. For this we have got an infographic to let you realize the importance of Vitmain D.